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ClarkLorne Clarke is a professor of medical genetics at the University of British Columbia and is a clinical and biochemical geneticist in the Provincial Medical Genetics Program where he served as is the medical director for 10 years. He has been in the field of lysosomal storage diseases for over 25 years and has published over 60 research papers in this area. His group was one of the first to describe mutations underlying MPS I and was the first group to develop a mouse model of MPS I. His research contributions include novel insights into the pathogenesis of the MPSs. He was the PI of one of the largest centers involved in the Phase III/IV trial of ERT for MPS I. His group has recently produced mouse models of Gaucher disease as well as Sandhoff disease. He serves as a scientific advisor to many biotechnology corporations involved in the development of rare disease therapeutics as well as rare disease philanthropic organizations and disease registries.